Instructions for Cut Out Cards


It is advisable to print on good quality card, so the top part stands up nicely.

Tools Needed


Craft knife (you can try scissors, but I don't know if it would be a good finish)

Cutting board

Metal ruler or guillotine (if you don't have these, use scissors)


How to Cut Out the Card


Once the card is printed out, cut the bottom of the edge on the front of the card and the sides, using a craft knife with a metal ruler or a guillotine - I usually leave the bottom of the back of the card until I've done all the other cutting.



Next, find the centre of the card. There will be 2 small marks or if not the card will have an obvious place to cut. With the craft knife, carefully cut the top section of the image, from one center round to the other mark.



When this is done, fold the outer part of the top half to match the bottom half.



Finally cut the bottom edge of the back to match the front.